A tissue of sniffs

Some of the wilder shores of molecular gastronomy are to be found in a newly-resurgent Japan, according to The Sunday Times. And truffles have a role to play…

“One course consisted of a piece of tissue paper impregnated with the smell of truffles: just the smell — no actual truffles were to be ingested.”

Not much of a role. Cheap dish, though – I expect there’s a bottle of Truffarome on the shelf at the Tapas Molecular Bar.

Pea ravioli or soup balls

There I was, stumbling around the food blogs of the world, looking for people who might appreciate the book, when I tripped over a ball of pea soup at Hungry in Hogtown. I had a “ball” of intensely flavoured consommée served in a spoon at Manairo in Barcelona before Christmas, but Rob at HinH has deconstructed the orginal El Bulli technique, and then reconstructed it in his own kitchen. A most impressive dedication to molecular gastronomy, beatifully described.

Now, where did I leave that food grade sodium alginate?