And so it begins…


First one of the 2008 season. Only 14 g, not very ripe (see the reddish tinge between the warts on the skin?). The flesh is whitish brown, and there’s not much aroma. Peg showed a tiny bit of interest, and when I put the rake through the surface, up popped this little treasure. Same tree as our first truffle, back in 2006. I reckon it will be a week or two before any others will be approaching ripeness. Fingers crossed…

Meanwhile, I’m flying across to Tasmania in the morning to research an article for Food & Wine magazine in the USA. Apparently I have to stay at a selection of top lodges, taste fine wines and whiskeys, and eat in the best restaurants. It’s a tough assignment, but someone has to do it. I hope to catch up with Tim Terry of Truffles Australis, who’s very pleased with a 477 g truffle he found a week ago. No doubt he will point out that his is bigger than mine… Back in NZ, the Langham Hotel in Auckland is boasting about its first truffle purchase of the season, and lagotto owners Chris and Jane Counsell have proved fine truffle dog trainers. Their Flickr collection shows Mia finding truffles at Alan Hall’s Gisborne truffiere at her first attempt. Congratulations!

5 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Hi Alan,

    (This the Alan who grew the southern hemisphere’s first black truffle, for the uninitiated)

    You’ll be paying for the test with the “millions of dollars” you’ll be earning thanks to Brock’s efforts….?

    One of this year’s crop will be sent off to a herbarium. Both of the ones I’ve dug up so far this year have been absolutely certainly Tm.

  2. Hi Gareth,
    I’m happy to see you are producing some truffles this year! Or one so far…good on ya! I’m still eating away at my Tuber gibbosum on everything imaginable. Ever had truffled popcorn? mmm good… Which issue of F&W will your article be in so I can watch for it?

  3. Make that five… Found one when taking a couple of cottage guests out for a sniff with Peg. That’s Limestone Hills service for you… 😉

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