Double Dutch truffles

In the last few days I’ve noticed a new referring link in Holland popping up in my Statcounter reports: — and today the site creator, Florent de Keizer, left a comment here. Florent’s new baby is a page of truffle links: and he claims it includes “all the major truffle sites on the web”. I’m delighted to be included, and pleased that Florent’s work makes it easier for other truffle aficionados to dig up the sometimes carefully hidden web resources. Saves me the effort of doing it myself! My only quibble? It’s (rather unsurprisingly, given Florent’s nationality) in Dutch. On The Farm becomes Dagboek v/e Truffelboer, which I translate as daybook of a truffle farmer. Truffelboer I may be, others might think I’m more of a truffle bore.

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