First cultivated bianchetto in NZ

Bianchetto1.jpgPhoto courtesy of Crop & Food Research

Found on July 7th by Carolyn Dixon as she was root testing some of the young Tuber borchii infected Pinus pinea at CFR’s Lincoln plantation. Congratulations to all concerned — but especially Carolyn. She’s as good as any dog… (that’s a compliment Carolyn, honest…). I can’t wait to find out what they taste like when fully ripe, so I took Peg round my little bianchetto patch today — but she’s being a recalcitrant truffle finder at the moment. She needs her nose recalibrating — and to remember what her job is. I hope to take her round a couple of productive truffières this week, and have another dog (or two) sniffing round the Hills, to make sure she’s not missed out on anything. Still waiting for #2…

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