Good morning Australia

Fresh off the wires, from the ABC in Australia: news of this year’s truffle harvest in Western Australia.

Western Australian truffle growers are hoping to enter the commercial market next season after this year’s bumper crop. The state’s biggest trufferie in Manjimup has produced 100 French black truffles this season. That compares to last year’s production of just one. Scientist Nick Malajczuk says some of the truffles sold for $2,500 a kilo. “We sold all the produce to local restaurants in Western Australia – we just didn’t have enough to sell to the eastern states or overseas,” he said. He is expecting an even bigger crop next year and hopes to become a force in the global market. With about five smaller trufferies in the south-west, he is also looking to form a truffle co-operative to boost export.”

Good news for Australia’s truffle growers, of course, but why the hell can’t they call their truffle plantations truffières, not trufferies. The proper word might be a bit harder for the Aussie tongue to get round, but if they really hope to have an impact on the world market. they might find a smattering of real French of some assistance. Meanwhile, in Italy the white truffle season in the Marche is about to begin. Tuber magnatum might even be more affordable this year. I know where I want to be right now, and it isn’t mowing the lawn.

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