I never read reviews #1

The proverbial ass (a truffle ass, near Ollogoyen in Spain). Never believe a writer who says he never reads his reviews. We all do. If they’re good, it’s vanity – if they’re bad, it’s a pain in the proverbial ass.

Shortly before I headed off to Europe I bagged up a stack of copies of The Truffle Book and sent them off to the book reviewers of New Zealand. Now the reviews are beginning to trickle in. The Nelson Mail did a very nice write-up (see below), and I’ve just had a clipping of Charmian Smith’s review in the Otago Daily Times. She describes it as “very readable” and “an excellent introduction to the fungus for those who are thinking of growing them, and those who just like to know about highly prized ingredients”. Thanks, Charmian. I wonder when the first bad review will arrive?

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