(If paradise is) half as nice

One down, one to go. The southern hemisphere’s first successful commercial grower of bianchetto (Tuber borchii) truffles, Jeff Weston* of the Borchii Park truffiere outside Christchurch, was kind enough to send me a couple of lovely truffles (see last post), and this evening we ate the first of them. It was a simple risotto milanese, with the addition of a few peas, and a scrape of nutmeg. And a whole truffle (about 15g). Truffle burps? We got ’em.

I’d hate to have to compare the bianchetto to a good magnatum – it’s been too long since I tasted a really good example – but I was forcefully reminded of the best of the Oregon whites I tasted last year. The aroma is penetrating. Despite being in a box inside a plastic envelope, Peg knew something was up as I walked past on the way back from the post box. Her nose was twitching… As indeed was mine.

Number two is with some eggs. Meanwhile there’s a ripe Camembert infusing with some black truffle.

Will I be able to grow more than I can eat? I’m hoping for a good crop, or the belt tightening will be metaphorical rather than actual…

* A scholar and a gentleman

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