Kung hei fat choy – happy (Chinese) new year

Truffle with shark fin? Some cultural borders should perhaps remain uncrossed…

From the Malaysia Star:

“Breaking away from the usual tried-and-tested recipes, Chef Chan is set to rule the roost in the forthcoming Rooster Year with his novel offerings. His Braised Truffle Broth with Shark’s Fin, Scallops and Foie Gras is certainly worth crowing over. The tantalising aroma of truffle emanating from this piece de resistance brought our idle chatter to a halt. The musky flavour of this highly prized fungus blended splendidly with the velvety smoothness of foie gras, while the strands of shark’s fin and diced fresh scallops provided a nice contrast in texture. The finely chopped Chinese celery tossed in helped to alleviate the overly rich taste.”

Yes. A novel use for truffle and duck liver. In a Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Sounds like fun. And a new market!

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