Under a northwest sky

Sometimes I can sit down after dinner, open my book and then glance out of the window and see something amazing…

That’s what I saw from our veranda last night, rapidly snapped with my Canon EOS 300D and then crudely stitched together in Photoshop. I’d have needed a w-i-d-e angle lens to get the whole thing in one shot, and they cost several small fortunes that I don’t have or can’t justify spending.

So what was happening? There was a moderate Nor’wester blowing, setting up a big wave cloud overhead. Out of that wave was falling some light rain, and the sun was setting behind me. Cue perfect double arch rainbow from horizon (or hill) to horizon.

No pot at the end of the rainbow, just the Deans…

You can see the end of the rainbow, and the wave cloud – the famous Nor’west arch – with rain falling out of it. Textbook stuff.

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