Whatever gets you here

One of the nice things about using Statcounter to log all site activity is that it can tell me how people find On The Farm. The referring link is most often a web search, and what you’re searching for is often interesting, sometimes bizarre. I get a few hits for the techy stuff – the wireless network or broadband modem model numbers seem to be surprisingly effective at finding me – but some search results are definitely strange.

One recent visitor had searched Google NZ for “sex with my wife”. Somehow that got him here. Given that my wife is currently in London, and has been overseas for a month, that topic is not something that I’m likely to be addressing here – even if I was so inclined. Which I’m not. And what on earth was he searching for? Aah, the dimly understood perversions that pass for social intercourse… and that little sentence will no doubt get me lots more strange referrals.

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