Peg’s last gig


Asia Downunder have just uploaded their recent programme on Professor Wang Yun and truffles, and as you’ll see, Peg has something of a starring role. She was more coherent than me, anyway. There’s plenty of fungal interest too, with shots of bianchetto truffles at David Powell’s truffière down the road, and picking saffron milk caps near Plant & Food Research’s Lincoln labs. The cooking section at the end was filmed in our kitchen garden. [Hat tip to Kadambari, the presenter, for letting me know when the clip was available]

One thought on “Peg’s last gig

  1. Great video from Asia Downunder; very sad to hear about Peg; working through all these links, I seem to be logged in but not sure exactly what I’m doing. Please feel free to book your visit to Cheshire in 2011 (since we haven’t made it to NZ as yet). Hope Camille isn’t getting (withdrawal) shakes after shaking off Citi. Typical Christmas in Cheshire: I took to my bed on Sunday afternoon and have only recently emerged and still feeling pretty ragged. Gilchrist’s Christmas missive featured ‘three old men’ at a pub in Cheadle, before Vin Sumner arrived. V alcoholic for a Sunday evening in Spring.

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