Second wine: 2009 syrah & pinot to be bottled soon

Stunning, that’s what Nicholas said. The winemaker, that is, about our first syrah. Quite made my day, I can tell you. I tasted a barrel sample today, and I have to say I thought it was pretty good — though naturally I’m biased. The pinot’s not bad either: a lot more colour and complexity than last year’s first effort. We’ll be bottling both wines in about a month — we should have about 25 cases of pinot and 12 of syrah. Some may be available for sale, but I’ve no idea of prices yet.

The 2010 grapes are looking good under their nets. It’s a been a warm, dry summer so far, and I’m expecting a slightly bigger crop than last year, but with good concentration. Now that we’re moving into late summer and early autumn, all we need is some of those long dry weeks Waipara’s famous for…

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