Truffle dogs and Chinese truffles (but not Chinese truffle dogs)

Since we’re in catching up mode, here a couple of articles I’ve been meaning to make available for some time. The first is a paper [PDF] on Chinese truffles commissioned by Gastronomica (the prestigious US food and culture journal) in 2008, which draws heavily on my experiences in China in 2007. It discusses the impact of Chinese truffles on the world truffle market, and the prospects for the future.

Admirers of Peg the beagle (and dog lovers in general) will enjoy this six page feature [PDF] from New Zealand’s Pet magazine (issue 47, June-August 2009). The truffle hound’s on fine form, but please ignore the pictures of her boss. Jean-Paul Pochin did a great job on the words and pictures.

3 thoughts on “Truffle dogs and Chinese truffles (but not Chinese truffle dogs)

  1. Hi Gareth

    I have just finished reading your book, excellent! (I also purchased the Belgiun book from Amazon at the same time – obviously they have read your book as well!)
    My partner and I began establishing a 550 tree plantation on our farm in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges in 1998 with trees from Duncan and Peter in Tassie (we just bought the trees outright – not in a profit share). Great to see that you have harvested your first truffles in 2008 – how did you go last season?
    We currently import magnatum and melo’s from Alba and supply many restaurants in Melb – see our website at We are planning a trip to NZ in the next twelve months and would like to catch up…
    Do you have an email address to discuss further. mine is for truffle matters.


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